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As she says, this talk is for anyone who has ever loved. A must-see:




Today I'm talking to the women out there. This topic is loaded with gender politics so, even though men experience feeling disposable too, that will be for a different post. A lot of this is about women in relationships with men, though certainly any woman who's grown...

An article published recently in The Journal of Sexual Medicine found that, for women who experience vulvo-vaginal pain, women's and their partners' acceptance of the pain was associated with better sexual functioning and sexual satisfaction. As I tweeted a link to thi...

How many of us haven't felt the dull ache of insecurity at important times in our lives? Sometimes we're going along just fine and then bam, something shakes our foundation... a new job, a new relationship, a breakup, a birthday, a crisis... and we spiral back to teena...

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February 6, 2018

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