Relationship Therapy


In relationship therapy I facilitate communication between you and your partner to uncover the roots of the conflict you're having, help you understand each others' feelings, and change behavior to better meet each others' needs.​

Some concerns I can help you with in relationship therapy:

  • Conflict and disagreements

  • Difficulty communicating

  • Sexual concerns or lack of sex in relationship

  • Healing from an affair

  • Navigating non-monogamous relationships


You may fear that talking about your relationship issues is going to make them worse. Sometimes things feel worse before they feel better, but my goal is that you experience greater understanding and closeness as a result of therapy.

Same Sex Female Couple

Relationship Workshops

Want to dive deep more quickly? I offer extended 3-hour workshops for you and your partner to spend focused time on understanding your relationship and the roots of problems you may be having, and to develop strategies to make things better. The workshop is individualized to your needs and provides plenty of time for identifying what needs to change and for practicing different ways of doing things. This could include:

  • Creating diagrams of family patterns to better understand your own relationship patterns

  • Assessment of attachment styles and how they affect your relationship

  • Identifying your most difficult communication patterns and practicing changing them

  • In-depth exploration of the roots of sexual concerns you may have, and what needs to change to improve them

  • And other strategies that are suited to your specific relationship

It's a great way to start out therapy or to boost progress along the way. 

Sex Therapy

Sex therapy involves talking about your sexual concerns and figuring out what you can do to make them better. It often involves homework, but there's never any sexual activity in sessions. You may wonder if "just talking" about sexual problems is going to help you, but my approach combines talking about problems to understand them better and taking active steps to improve them.

Some concerns I can help you with in sex therapy:

  • Low desire

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Orgasm problems

  • Rapid ejaculation (premature ejaculation)

  • Pain with sex

  • Sexual adjustment after cancer or illness

  • Anxiety, body image concerns, embarrassment, or shame about sex

  • Sexual behavior that feels out-of-control or harmful

  • Past sexual trauma


Some people worry that sex therapy will involve endless talking about your past, your parents, or your deepest secret fantasies and sexual desires. These topics may come up, but we will focus on how these things affect your life and your concerns now. We will tend to focus on the present rather than the past as the setting for making change.