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10 treatments for vaginal pain and vulvodynia

Pelvic pain is decidedly in the NO FUN category of human experience, and many people who experience it feel at a loss for how to handle the pain and its consequences for daily life. In case you're unfamiliar, pelvic-area pain can stem from lots of different causes, including tight muscles, nerve pain, infections that lead to tissue sensitivity, injuries, and possibly as-yet unknown causes. Particularly difficult for many people are the sexual effects of pelvic pain. Vaginal pain in particular can make sex really uncomfortable and creates hurdles for dating and intimate relationships. Even though we don't know all there is to know about vaginal pain, there are good treatment options available, from medication to physical therapy to acupuncture to psychotherapy. Many women benefit from a treatment team that addresses both physical and psychological / relationship aspects of pelvic pain. Check out this article on 10 Treatments for Vaginal Pain and Vulvodynia for more information and an overview of treatment options.

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