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Do you have the time?

Friends. How often do you give yourself enough TIME for the things that are important to you? This is a question I've been investigating in my own life and work lately. So many things compete for our time and attention, and often we ourselves get squeezed out. However... healing, building relationships, making change, truly intentional living... all the things that we want and seek therapy for... all require time.

In my opinion, time is both the greatest luxury and most valuable aspect of life. With time you can do anything; all possibilities open up. I actually don't see people squandering time very often. Rather, I see people committing to so many things that time for any one of those things is stretched too thin to be meaningful. And again -- often our allocation of time prioritizes tasks, other people, the myriad relationships and possibilities that life presents, and neglects our own needs.

If this sounds familiar, then ask yourself, what do I need time for? How can I prioritize that time? What less-precious thing can I say no to in order to create the time I need for my own healing and growth and peace?

If therapy is something you've been thinking you need to devote time to, then consider finding a way to make that happen! It's an excellent investment in your quality of life, health, and wellbeing, and produces returns long after you're done. And with virtual therapy being an option, creating the time is even more accessible.

Bottom line: don't neglect yourself in your accounting for time. I wish you all the best, and many happy moments to come.


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